Dec 31

Following yesterday’s press conference, all games are postponed until further notice. Since we don’t know when these restrictions will change, our plan is to resume the games when possible and finish the season later on. As usual, we will let you all know if anything changes. Stay safe everyone.

Dec 25

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season from all of us at Totalcampo. We hope this new year is filled with health, laughter, and lots of happiness. See you all soon,

Dec 19

Following the recent public health announcement, the season will continue as is. However, masks are now OBLIGATORY everywhere in the complex, including the changing rooms. Only once players step onto the field they could remove their masks. We all want to have a complete season, so let’s all do our part to make sure that happens.

Dec 14
DECEMBER 15, 2021

Deadline to modify roster add or remove is December 15, 2021 with the ADD & REMOVE form. To be eligible to play, a player must be registered on the team 48 hours prior to kickoff using the downloaded form on the web site and sending it by email to

Nov 04

Just a reminder that all new players must show proof that they are completely vaccinated by bringing a piece of ID (with picture) and their QR code before their first game. If this is not done, they cannot play. For players who played this summer in Totalcampo and have already been checked, you do not need to show us again, but please be sure to always have your QR code and a piece of ID on you. Also face masks are mandatory entering the complex and could only be removed once on the field. Thank you for your cooperation and have a great season!

Nov 04

Just a reminder that the winter season starts this Friday, November 5th. The schedule for the first three weeks has been posted on our website.