(fb1) pink ladies
13 Apr

Three lady champions crowned – and not a shocked face amongst us.

I mean, who could have predicted that the Pink Ladies, now the most decorated squad in league history, by a mile, would do it again with a 3-1 victory over FC Brisket in the FB1 finals? That undefeated DTW would shut out second-seed Les Braves to capture the FC1 Division championship? Or that near-perfect Mean Girls FC would trounce Grenades 6-2 as snipers Amanda Cerone and Vanessa di Lalla combined for nine goals in two searing FC2 playoff appearances ? Well, everybody.

Sometimes the obvious choice is obvious for a reason.


The final battle between mirror squads Ballkickers 3 and FNZ FC will take place Sunday at 6 pm in Brossard. Over in Laval, Chelsea FC will look to handle red hot FC Fireball and pull off the seemingly impossible in the FA Division final.

And finally, having vanquished their division favourites in the semis, Worldclass and Homenetmen Gamik will square off for a shot at B2 glory Monday evening.

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