21 Oct

Uncertainty has once again been proven the only rule of this game. Oh, and for the record, nobody saw Rip City or Prosciutto et Melone coming.

In the B2 finale that few saw coming, only Julian could have imagined Consolada FC sneaking past FC Elite by the skin of snipers’ Justin Mastragostino and Dimitri Dimakis’ feet in a shootout.

Only Nawfal could have foreseen l’Olympique Zoo taking the B3 by storm and pulverizing All Worried in a 7-2 final.

Only James could have predicted Uruguay Montreal FC eliminating panel darlings FC Goons; only Mika foretold FC Mushy undoing Buona Fortuna in a 5-0 blowout.

Congrats to Julian for winning the panel and all this summer’s champions for keeping us guessing ’til the bitter end.

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