Fc santwich
07 Oct

The quarters and semis have spared only a few of Laval’s bulletproof favourites.

Top-seed Net6&Chill was taken out to the C2 woodshed this week by FC Full Send, thanks in large part to a Santino-de-Santis hat trick.

In the C3, sixth seed FC Santwich disposed of both the Black Devils and Moose FC, albeit by the thinnest of margins, and will now face panel darlings FC International in the finals. One division down, meanwhile, Anthony Lepore and Nicolas Panaritis combined for 9 goals as Prosciutto e Melone obliterated Calcio e Pepe before skimming past the Pink Panthers. They’ll now face heavy favourites FC Pigeon for a shot at championship glory.


The Pink Ladies have a legacy to defend as they take on FC Fireball in the FA Division final. Wednesday will featured Grinta FC against Red Run FC in a top-division David-vs-Goliath showdown.

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