Ac pirates
27 Apr

With the wind of just two panelists in their sails, AC Pirates hijacked and then plundered Group Kangaroo in a 6-3 B5 Division winter championship closer.

Three days earlier, it was Taralli FC who crept up out of nowhere to stun panel favs Late Nights FC with a 3-1 win. And what of Motovan the night before that, a squad who who have won more championships than we can bother to count, catching the lot of us off guard with a glorious 3-2 win over undefeated AFC Richmond?

Oh, and while second-seed FC Villeray made James and I proud by taking out Niupi for the C3A Division championship, it is he who deserves all the credit for outsmarting the young ones and proving that predictive power only gets better with age.

Bravo James, and cheers to all for another killer season!

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