C1b,squadra doro (plyoffs) (2)
12 Oct

Tough love works wonders in the fall. At least for some.

With absolutely zero panel support, FC Immigrants knocked clear favourites Piemonte Calcio out in the semis and eventually snatched the B5 championship with a 3-2 win over Fineprints FC 2. Same deal for Squadra D’Oro in the C1B, stunning us all with narrow wins over Half Senders FC V2 and the Pink Panthers topped off by an eventual 2-0 win over Channel 4 News in the finals.

In the C2A, only Luca could have predicted FC Bashtone swooping in for the grand finale win against an Italimenti side that took out Bande Organisee, while the Pink Ladies completed their improbable postseason run with a 3-2 win over Rick and Dahlia’s long shot Golden Rush.

In the end, however, video only made one radio star stronger as Julian captured top prize for his panel picks. Congrats to all the winners, foreseen and unexpected alike. Keep it Total!!

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