Pink ladies
04 oct.

You’d think Golden Rush knocking out multi-champs FC Boisbriand in the semis would be news enough. But the fact that that 1-0 victory came as the Pink Ladies blanked the Banned Ones and caught the entire panel by surprise has made Laval’s top women’s division too hot for simple email. “All season and not one mention,” jabs longtime Pink Lady Melanie Moukas with her usual sass. “Unbelievable. I guess Tuesday night we will just have to win the finals to be noticed.” Ouch.

And while we’re on the subject, how about FC Gaz Metan, a frigid -13 during the regular season, torching top seed and heavy favourites Fineprints FC in Laval’s top division semifinal? In regulation time no less. Or C2A Division remnants Italimenti FC and FC Bashtone ending up in the finals?

Is this real life? Stay tuned and find out …

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