Bulldogs (playoffs champ fc)
23 Oct

No Totalcampo postseason is without its surprises. And this Fall was something, alright.

The Bulldogs and Channel 4 News came flat out of nowhere to put us all in our place. USC, le Bonbon Rose and Red Run FC were one-hit wonders, and therefore good for five points, but only for the brave panelists courageous enough to put their necks on the line for them. In the end, defending queen panelist Mika proved to be the most prescient of kingmakers, striking out on only three of twelve possible finals, followed closely but not quietly by Julian, John and Rick.

Bravo to all the champs, all the finalists, and all the not-even-close calls like me, proud holder of the record for worst showing in panel history. May all our best days be ahead of us.

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