Fc animals
03 oct.

After a year plagued with Postseason Disappearing Syndrome, the playoff panel has been cleared for discharge.

You are all free to dissect, question and rally against our individual convictions. But know the seven of us have been watching you all summer long. Studying your strengths and weaknesses. Sizing you up against potential adversity. Imagining who amongst you are fit to stun the pack. So let us know why we’re either dead on or way off. Or just let your feet do the talking. And good luck to all. May the the best humans win. (to view playoff panel picks click on Instagram.)


Playoff action kicks off this Sunday, with the FC Animals looking to take out third seed Pink Panthers in the opening round of St. Leonard’s FC Division. On Tuesday, it’s Blue Sky who’ll be looking to prove they’re worthy of an FB championship as they attempt to knock off last-in Blitzz.

And finally on Thursday, the highly favoured Toight Tigers will face Trimax in the opening round of the B3 Division playoffs.

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