(c4b) bruno sports bar
12 Oct

Who are Bruno Sports Bar and why did nearly all of us on the panel ignore them?

Their losing record, minus-13 goal differential and sixth seed finish probably had something to do with it. But the playoffs are a magical time, they say. And after dealing an opening blow to Crystal M Palace, Michael Manitta and friends (backed by sole panelist Julian) caught a lucky break (if you want to call it that) after regular season champs Galacticos refused to play the semifinal due to COVID concerns. And just like that, Bruno Sports Bar are due to meet the FC Youngsters in a C1 final that nobody could have predicted, and may never be played.

And they are not alone. Panel underdogs FC San Simon and les Braves both got semifinal passes after their heavily favoured playoff opponents forfeited their respective games under similar circumstances, leaving Rick and I looking particularly astute.

It’s not the most glamorous way to show up to a final, that’s for sure. But before the rest of you start pointing to some half-baked BRO-ANON conspiracy to rig the playoff panel and walk away with untold bags of loot, keep in mind that like many other things since the start of this pandemic, including the fact we still have absolutely no idea if and when all of the remaining semis and finals will be played, it simply IS WHAT IT IS.


There is currently no visibility past October 28. So stay safe, stay in shape and stay limber. Alll this might make for one of the more memorable and contested postseasons in league history.

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