(fc) fc styfes
12 Sep

The FC Styfes have not allowed as much as one tiny goal in their last three games.

In fact, if the girls could magically erase a 10-0 beating to undefeated Art du Soccer right at the start of the season, they’d now have surrendered only three goals in nine games. That would be more than sufficient for top spot in any division.

And yet, as the Styfe streak continued this week with a 3-0 victory over Ball Busters, it is Art du Soccer, still a point ahead, who remain the team to beat in Saint-Leonard FC Division. What’s even more concerning for the defensive specialists is that both Queen of the World and the FC Animals cannot be discounted as mere chopped liver, each possessing more powerful offences on paper. The margins remain razor thin. So expect nothing short of a dogfight come playoff time.


Art du Soccer still have an undefeated streak to defend when they face Queen of the World this Sunday. Then on Tuesday, third seed in the FC Division will be on the line when Aftermath clash with les Braves.

On Thursday, Compulsive Calcio will get one last shot at catching top division runaway Tutto Bene in Laval men’s action.

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