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To help stop the spread of the covid-19 virus we must put certain rules and guidelines in place in order to ensure the safety of everyone.

- If you are sick or experiencing symptoms please stay home
- No spectators (stands and the surrounding area)
- All players must respect the 2 meter rule distance as much as possible (off the field)
- Do not access the field before your scheduled playing time. After the game you must exit the field and the surrounding area immediately.
- No access to locker rooms and showers
- No spitting on the field
- No coaches, only players dressed to play are allowed on the bench
- No verbal or physical abuse will be tolerated towards players, refs and staff. Strict sanctions will be applied
(fines, suspensions or expulsions from the league)

Please note that anyone that does not respect these rule and guidelines will be asked to leave the premises immediately, no exceptions.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation