11 Mar

So how does it feel to be one of those middle-of-the-pack teams that just spent their Sunday evening eliminating a bona fide panel favourite?

“It feels great proving everyone wrong but still a lot of work to be done for sure,” explains Sabrina D’addario, her excitement over Those Girls taking down Blue Sky in a 3-1 quarterfinal still measured. “I think we’re a great team with a lot of heart and when we’re properly invested in the game it definitely shows.”

For the captain it was a smooth, focused and organized affair, made all that much easier (as it usually is) on account of backup-goalie-slash-forward Sandrine Gobeil-Huot, who’s “super calm and just knows what to do every time she gets the ball.”

These same ingredients will need to be in place as Those Girls get set to face Blitzz, the current FC1 Division favourites who have also struggled in big playoff games past. But just as fellow underdogs Queen of the World and Ball Busters can attest following their own rather unexpected playoff performances this weekend, nothing is certain around this time of year. In other words, it’s no time for anyone to break out the champagne just yet.

“We’ve been making it to the finals and never winning the last couple of seasons so I don’t want to jump ahead. I think it comes down to organization and focus, once again just playing our game the way we always have.”

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