The com
18 fév.

Learning from past mistakes can become quite the analytical endeavour when your team is made up of a bunch of determined industrial consultants.

“We noticed that we had more control over the game and less ball loss by playing small passes, and our defense was getting stronger,” begins captain Marchal Sylla, explaining how his Commissioners, a team of Progesys work buddies, engineered a rather shaky start to only their second year in the league into a bona fide C3B Division playoff run.

“So we detected the problems related to that and found a solution. Everybody in the group simply raised their level of play, mostly in the last minutes of play. Knowing now the strengths and weaknesses of each of us, we have put a fixed process of change and changed our ranking, which has allowed us to optimize our bottom game.”

It worked. Two of the squad’s last three wins have come against certified division powerhouses Boavista and No Kidding FC.

But whether you pin it on better communication on the pitch or The Commissioners finally finding their stride, the simple fact is winning is contagious, and a four-game unbeaten streak goes a long way when squads like Calcio D’Oro and President’s Choice are nipping at your coattails. “We’ll do our best to go all the way and make it far in the playoffs, not only for the team but also for all the colleagues who support us.”

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