06 Feb

The way Loriane Fugère tells it, the FC Boreales playoff picture would look a whole lot rosier if her girls could draw more than just a point a week.

“We are not able to score one more goal to win the game,” explains the captain. A quick glance at the standings would confirm those concerns, with the squad recording its fourth-straight draw, each coming against teams ahead of them in the standings. “But we really want to make the playoffs. Only the future will tell.”

Of course, what Fugère fails to mention is that FC Boreales’ most recent tie game came against the top-seed Blitzz, which has put them into a whole different kind of deadlock with the White Sharks for the eighth and final playoff spot in the FC1 Division.

While the team has struggled to find a consistent keeper during the course of its four-year existence in this league, a defensive chemistry with newcomer Sarah Duhaime is finally starting to form. But if FC Boreales is to make the most of its remaining two games and resurrect its status as surprise first-year playoff finalists, it’s very likely top midfielder Mylène Briere will have something to do with it.

“She’s an awesome player and she is everywhere on the field! Really helpful,” notes Fugère. “But all the girls bring their own good to the game.”

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