Fury, fc
19 Jan

It’s amazing what twenty great years of soccer can do for a friendship.

“We lost sight of each other with the years but we never stopped playing,” explains Fury captain Anne-Marie Lussier of her original besties Amélie Massy and Vicky Hénault, who finally reconnected two years ago as St-Eustache in the LLL League following her maternity leave. “But we loved soccer so much we wanted to play twice a week. So this is the first year we play all together in Totalcampo.”

Of course, the Fury founders have come to understand that playing soccer in their mid-thirties is a far cry from their glorious Triple A university days. Vicky’s season has been cut short with a torn ACL and Anne-Marie, now awaiting her own operation, has since taken to coaching and encouraging her girls from the sidelines.

And still, the Fury crew is no doubt holding its own in the FC Division, still undefeated nine games in, still refusing to take the competition for granted.

“The teams are quite strong and quite technical,” she points out without mentioning either les Braves, Bulldogs or Amazones by name. “So even if we’re currently in first place, we approach every game like it’s our first. But we obviously want to keep this up right up until the end of the season.”

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