Les gars lactiques, c4
06 Jan

They are a ragtag bunch from different leagues, as committed to the witty word play behind their Real Madrid Galactiques moniker as they are to their own success.

“We don’t worry about other teams and fear no one. We just want to win it all.”

And Nathan Perez, the captain of les Gars Lactiques, the current undefeated rulers of Laval’s C4 Division with only six goals allowed in their first seven games, and three shutouts to boot, can rattle off at least ten good reasons why his boys are brimming with winter confidence.

“Pedro Querard continues to surprise me with his size and speed. Marc-Antoine has been impenetrable on defense; Nicolas a great pickup, a strong keeper; Mohamed an effective finisher; Edouard for his technique; Sebastien for his headers; Adrien for his serenity; Florian for his monster strikes and Anthony, who shines even in his own absence.”

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