30 Dec

Captain Saïd Arman Madjrouhou is running a very different kind of old country club.

“Some of us came in Canada when they were kids, some less than 10 years ago, or just recently. A lot of us at first came from the suburbs of Paris, with origins from Afghanistan to Algeria, Congo, Morocco, Tunisia, Mali and Ivory Coast, South American countries as well. We represent Montreal and its diversity quite well, I would say.”

But then Newteam, who came very close to winning it all last year as FC Saiyan, didn’t just come to Totalcampo to talk diversity. They came to dominate.

To that end, they’ve been on an absolute tear, near perfect in six games and currently sitting pretty atop the C Division. And while Madjrou’s crew of 30-somethings claims to rely on no one star, having their division’s top striker Yankson Wilfried Aman and defensive midfield Koly Dianka at their disposal definitely hasn’t hurt.

“We are confident, and we do not look at the other teams, all we focus on is our game and making sure we stick to it. We are aiming at winning the championship again and going to the playoff final again, but this time to win it!”

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