21 Sep

The team that signs its official communications with the phrase Ouzo, bourbon, spiced rum, Goldslick just made a few playoff panel members vomit in their own mouths.

In fact, the group texts were flying as heavy favourites Average Joe’s and the Aces both bowed out of their respective C3 Division semifinals this week, reinforcing the notion that going with the statistical top dogs is truly a chump’s game.

“Although the score was tied a couple of times and we had to finish the game with a player being sent off, we never doubted our ability to win and head to the finals,” explains Matthew Iacono, whose teammate James Litras would get the eventual game winner off a free kick in the 4-2 win. And now, setting aside two very painful losses to them during the regular season, Rick and Dahlia’s long shot Goldslick is now looking forward to facing LPSC in the championship, “to play hard and leave it all on the turf.”

There was more underdog turmoil in the C2 Division, where fifth-seed FC Beauty knocked out Crystal M Palace to earn a semi final against panel darlings FC Barilla Pasta. “Nothing has happened yet as we still need to win more games to become champions,” points out captain Anthony Hickman. “That’s our only goal.We continue playing as a team and we are bound to get there.”

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