Real betise
20 août

Three seasons in and Simon Savoie-Gargiso remains painfully aware that Totalcampo championships are ultimately measured in inches, absences and unforced errors.

“While we’re satisfied with the season, we feel those draws and the one match we forfeited might cost us the regular season,” explains the Real Betise captain, his squad currently tucked into the tail end of the B4 Division’s top brass with four games to go. “The goal remains to win the rest of our games and pressure whoever’s ahead of us.”

With four straight wins since said forfeit to second-seed Bombon Rose (which itself was followed up by a huge 10-5 win over the current division heads Squadra FC) Real Betise do seem up to a task that has so far eluded them as both KG MTL in 2017 (where they finished sixth) and FC Tchiki last summer. The squad is clicking: top striker Roslane Medouini is enjoying a killer season with a division-leading 21 goals, the defense remains collectively rock solid, and experienced keeper Alan Urdea continues to give the team in front of him the opportunity to win every game.

“The nucleus hasn’t changed, and we only make a few changes each year to improve and remain competitive,” explains Savoie-Gargiso. “For these playoffs, we’ll be going in confident that we can make it all the way, even if that would be a first for our club!”

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