08 Aug

Audréanne Reid and her Tipsy crew first discovered their common soccer connection during a winter weekend chalet getaway in la Macaza.

“We realized that we had all played soccer for various cities at some point. So in 2018, we formed an 11-on-11 team for the Laurentian city of Ste-Sophie. Let’s just say it wasn’t a great season. Lots of lets downs with little to no motivation.”

Rather than call it quits, Reid, already moonlighting with the very successful Fisher Électrique, suggested the team try their luck in Totalcampo, but not before whittling the roster down to only those friends and close family interested in playing for the simple love of the game. That shift seems to be suiting les Tipsy just fine, as they remain in the thick of a very competitive FC2 Division despite back to back shutout losses against top seeds Goal Diggers and Aftermath.

“The season is going quite well, so we’re happy,” explains the captain, making sure to discount both those games squandered to numerous mid-summer absences, as well as to the more anti-sportsman squads that have proved discouraging to play against. “We’re adults who come to play ball, not to rage like angry teenagers.”

But don’t let the name fool you. Nobody’s stumbling when it comes to the ultimate goal.

“As far as the playoffs are concerned, we want to win it all. In fact, the name Tipsy – in so far as it captures the positive, the fun and the strength of our character – serves us well.”

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