Cafe crema
06 Jul

As FC Dumos, Jeremy Paradiso and company won the league, made it to several finals and even went a perfect 16-0 in the summer of 2015. And yet, they don’t have a single championship to their old name, which might explain why they’ve decided to rebrand.

“Sometimes we get unlucky and sometimes we just don’t come ready to play,” explains the captain. “It sucks, but we have a positive attitude and come back the next season.”

Cafe Crema have done exactly that and more. Perfect through their first five games except for a 1-1 draw against Calcio e Pepe, they are currently sitting atop 2017 summer champs Artemide FC in Laval’s C5C Division with an eye-popping +26 goal differential. New additions Marco Colatosti and Anthony Sardella seem to have fit right in with eight goals between them already, joining the “spectacular” Jonathan Lapenna, Michael Corsaro and Michael Demarco to form an offensive juggernaut. “As you can see from our player stats, everyone on the team is playing fantastic.”

It remains to be seen if the old Dumos crew will finally steam through the 2019 championship grind. “We’re not playing in the strongest league but I feel like we have a strong team. We all have good attitudes and give 100% every game.”

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