Les royales
18 May

Their name has changed, but it looks like Les Royales are still very much in the ‘Zone’.

The four-time consecutive and defending summer champs got their 2019 campaign off to a flying start with a 5-2 pre-season Division FB victory over FC Inter MTL, this after doubling up on Queen of the World, the same team they victimized in back-to-back championship matches in 2016 and 2015.

Speaking of former glory squads of old, Andy Transport returned from a 2018 summer sabbatical and absolutely crushed top pre-season finalists SSC Forum 8-2 after blanking FK Istanbul in the semis. The squad’s last of many championships in the league came in the summer of 2017, when they edged past the now-invincible US Capolista, who will play this summer as Tutto Bene.

Both les Royales and Andy Transport will get to battle alongside their respective rivals, which should make for a very interesting summer.