No totti no party
13 Mar

If three-losses-and-a-draw in five games is what passes for a “terrible slump” these days, than perhaps No Totti No Party’s greatest celebrations are still to come.

“It was largely due to a lack of players and effort,” explains captain Jacob Netto of the slide. His squad has since won six straight and marches into the C5B Division playoffs in prime position to stun the panel favourites. “We’d love to play Prosciutto e Melone in the finals. We have friends on that team and it’s always a good game.”

It may seem like a lot to ask of a rookie squad of young men from the West Island and Laval. But the team has found its religion in both attendance and solid defending, relying on stand out striker Brandon Gallant to “consistently get the big goals.”

For Netto, it’s clear the time for Totti is now. “I think that the way the league has gone this year anyone can win, but we believe that we do have the best chance.”

And why argue with a namesake fan club with only three confirmed Romanistas to boot?

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