No name
28 Feb

These days, the No Name crew doesn’t have time for much beyond holding the fort in Laval’s top women’s division.

“What’s really surprised us this winter is all the unexpected pregnancies,” explains Gabrielle Payette, herself a 35-year-old veteran mother of two. “Many of us are already moms and, every season, a few more join the ranks. But then we also have a couple of young ladies who keep us on our toes.”

This squad of friends and friends of friends, who plays its summer soccer in Laurentides and splits winter duties between hockey and Totalcampo, has managed to put together quite a season on the strength of some solid defending. How exactly? “Paméla Ghaleb-Poitras is devoted, determined and full of energy,” points out Payette. “I also find Marie-Émilie Grégoire is a key player with lots of talent and fantastic technique – except she also became pregnant and is now out of commission.”

With only six points separating the three other teams No Name is destined to face in the playoffs, Payette understands that picking a dream finalist is a luxury she won’t be afforded.

“Obviously the Pink Ladies are the team to beat, but we don’t really like to play against them. I do find the Braves play well. They have a good-looking attacking line and, perhaps more importantly, great team spirit.”

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