Fc munin
17 Feb

Player sackings. Starting lineups. Staged and unscripted locker room news conferences. A fan vid of an own-goal deflection off a defender’s unmentionables…

FC Munin has brought abject failure to a whole new level of social media comedy.

“Honestly it’s embarrassing,” declares online point man Luca Iannetti. “At this point in the season, there is absolutely no hope left for us. Despite our countless losses, our fan base still supports us and looks forward to our Instagram after the game.”

Question is, how did a group of elementary school hockey buddies from Duvernay get themselves into this mess? Simple. They heard great things about Totalcampo and figured 15 years on the ice with Laval-Est might translate into soccer chemistry. Except 13 winless games in the league’s lowest division have proved otherwise. They have one measly point and are lugging around a -67 point differential at last count.

And so whatever chemistry and coordination FC Munin lack on the pitch they make up for online. Luca Iacono helps stage the interviews. Thomas Fresco reads the questions out loud. Fellow teammates hold up phones and mock microphones for effect.

“We’re just playing to have fun and gain experiences we can remember when we grow up,” says Iannetti. “It really doesn’t matter what our record ends up being.”

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