11 Feb

It’s only fitting that the Narcos were born in a flash of sensory stimulus overload.

“We actually binge watched the full first season in one day – the same day we registered the team for the first time,” explains Racim Kebbab of how his hopped up core of Villeray childhood buddies Said Mouchayad, Amayes Boumrar and Tiago Silva dragged their little futsal squad into Totalcampo’s 7v7 format.

Two years in and the Narcos are holding their own in Brossard’s top division, riding a five-game unbeaten streak despite a lackluster start to the winter season.

Kebbab says the team relies heavily on its technical prowess, pointing out that Silva’s meat-and-potatoes defensive work has also “brought us back to a good form.” But Netflix marathons notwithstanding, the group has at times struggled to maintain its on-field stamina against quicker opponents, given that most of his players no longer play competitive soccer. “Our physical condition is terrible right now.”

And as far as potential playoff turf wars are concerned, Kebbab already has a weary eye on the former champs. “I think Sabbah is the team that has the game to hurt us. They’re tactically more prepared than most, have talented individuals and keep a high pressure for long periods. So we’ll need to be sure to be at our best against them.”

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