31 Jan


How many girls does it take to win a championship?

It’s not a trick question, and Geraldine Ogosi-Nole likely wouldn’t have the answer for you either way, given that FC Inter MTL has never been so fortunate as to top their division standings, pose for a champagne bottle celebration or even field two solid lines for a regular season game.

“This winter hasn’t been easy because we’re often short,” explains the captain. “One time we played four on the field against a team that had two full lines on the bench. (A game they ultimately lost 10-1) Yet we never hesitated to play. We’re holding our own.”

Sticking it out means everything for a squad who’s more recent history includes a middle-of-the-pack 2017 winter campaign preceded by horrible back-back summer seasons of a meager two wins apiece. The nucleus of six has been buoyed by top scorers Jessica Perlera Castro and Joannie Bourque, and the surprising play of defender Kim (The Wall) Andrade, all of which has left FC Inter MTL a mere point out of playoff contention in the very crowded FC1 Division. And Ogosi-Nole and friends have plans. “We’d like to finish in the top six to avoid the quarters, win the semis and get to the finals.”

The fact that the team has had to contend with the loss of their regular keeper and being chronically short staffed has not been lost on Totalcampo’s own Katrina De Francesch.

“I have a soft spot for them,” she explains. “They usually don’t have a lot of girls but the ones that are there are always ready to go. The new goalie (Grace Fizzotto) is really good for the team though. She’s always talking to her defense and promoting communication between the players. The team’s a bit of a mess but I respect their drive.”

Don’t look now, but I smell playoff panel upset.

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