Red light
17 Jan

When Feux Rouges have a job to do, it doesn’t take Coach Constantin Kabamba much in the way of guidance to get his work buddies pulling in the same direction.

“Given that the strongpoint of our team is excellent technic and an innate understanding of the game plan, they usually know exactly what I’m asking for when our opponents are ahead,” he explains in the wake of a dominant 6-4 win against Italcanadese. “That’s the advantage of having played together for four years.”

The two-time Rosemere league champs seem to be adapting to their first season in Totalcampo quite nicely: perfect nine games into their C3A Division season except for a draw against Cinque Stelle FC.

The season, of course, is not without its challenges.

Age is a factor, and the coach also worries about accumulating yellow cards necessitating a hunt for suitable replacements. Despite the fear of constant injury for some of his older players, Kabamba insists many find the compressed 25-minute halves “insufficient,” leaving his players hungry for more soccer given it’s their only activity of the week.

“A lot of teams take things very seriously, and some of the younger teams punish our older players. Les Boucaniers and Cinque Stelle FC are both tough and surprising. The others try to resist but lack the technical vision necessary to control the game, even if they’re younger and much quicker. Up until this point, we seem to be holding our own.”

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