26 Nov


Diego Langon and friends might just be the most ambitious deadbeats you’ll ever meet.

“We came into the season just wanting to play for fun but after our first game we decided to try to go undefeated during this winter season,” explains the young captain matter-of-factly, his five goals in three games just one of the many reasons FC Deadbeats are perfect three games into their first Totalcampo season.

But don’t let the Vanier College inside joke nickname fool you. Langon and fellow soccer hustlers Mathieu Descary and Alexander Davidgo way back on the pitch, and the rest of the Pearson and Massey crew seem to be getting real cozy real fast – particularly freshly groomed keeper Daniel Seccareccia, who’s “really outstanding at the moment, and we hope he only gets better.”

Right now, the biggest obstacle standing between his squad and C1 Division perfection is FC Muortes. And if last week’s first encounter and ultimate 6-3 win was any indication, the Deadbeats are sitting pretty.

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