10 Nov

No strangers to plated gold trophies, the Ballkickers just staked their 2019 claim on some dangerous top division turf.

The defending 2018 champs slipped by Sabbah 1 in a 1-0 victory, capping off an impressive Division 1 pre-season campaign that included a narrow 2-1 win over FC Venom. The Ballkickers will now face those same Sabbah finalists in the A Division, which will also include green Division 2 champs Narcos.

The Narcos posted a 3-1 win over Chacal FC in their own finals, after blanking opponents Sabbah 2 and FC Wahdat in a two-hour span.

In one of those interesting twists of scheduling fate, finalists Chacal FC will be freed from this top division tug of war and allowed to spread their wings in the B Division, where Sabbah 2, FC Moris and FC Kabul will also scratch for survival.

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