All blacks
07 nov.

The pre-season tournament has produced the usual medley of defending champs, nostalgic veteran sides and newcomers bursting into the league like stun grenades.

The 2017 defending champs Ragazzi D’Oro beat out Tutto Bene, Homenetmen Gamk and Azzurri to capture Division 1, just long enough to slip into Laval’s top division, where they’ll moonlight as Internazionale and battle two-time champs US Capolista.

In Division 2, the Red Stars 2 blanked FC Challenger 1-0 after inching past back-to-back champs Heaven 11 FC in the semifinals. Despite the victory, the Red Stars will be skimming B4 Division opponents Intermilan, Nightrage and SS Mischiate as they look to capture their first championship since 2013. FC Dumos, meanwhile, round out Division 3 with a 2-1 win over Supersata. They’ll take their championship hopes to a C3A Division featuring defending champs Aardvarks and strongmen Italcanadese.

In women’s action, FC Repentigny blanked the Beans 2-0 in their Division F1 final, after smashing Extreme 7-0. That being said, the 2018 champions will definitely have their hands full with the All Blacks, a team that fired off its own series of warning flares by ransacking Amazones 8-0 in the Division F2 finals, building on equally impressive 4-0 and 5-0 shutout wins over FC and Queen of the World respectively.

The fact that both teams will have to conduct their affairs in the FB1 Division, in the intimidating presence of former champs Beans and Chelsea no less, only make the impending winter battle all the more interesting.

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