17 Sep

After hibernating for the winter, the Playoff Panel is back with self-inflicted vengeance. Here’s where we stand on your championship chances. As always, please feel free to prove us wrong…


Although Queen of the World has come up perpetually short in championship games the last few years, they remain heavy favourites to capture this year’s FB Division, with James, Tommy, John and Andrea (who has a “good feeling”) backing them. Rick is standing behind Baby Trapz, Dahlia behind Blitzz and me behind FC Palmbay. It’s pretty much the Cougars across the board in the FC Division, meanwhile, with only Dahlia choosing to put her faith in the Avengers.


The B4 Division will be Marseille’s for the taking, unless Dahlia and I are onto something in siding with FC Bashtone. Andrea is going out on a limb with Intermilan, thanks in large part to their star keeper Michael Pelcar. Ditto for Bombonera in the C1 – they remain panel favourites with everyone but Andrea and I, who agree that Compulsive Calcio is too well balanced a squad to be defeated.

FC Jixon enjoy majority backing, although Dahlia believes FC Tchiki will get the better of my lone star C2 Division pick Heaven 11 FC. Rick, Tommy, John and Andrea believe FC Grappinz and their motley crew of natural goal scorers will prevail in the C3 Division, while Dahlia and I are backing the Aardvarks, James the Banter Boys. And in the C4, it’s succulent Osso Buco FC for the hungry majority, FC Moris for James and Dahlia.

The Euroboys United are heavy statistical and C5A panel favourites. Rick is going way out there with Hunters FC, perhaps even further than my own left field Los Blancos pick. Dark horse Rick is again the odd man out with his Supersata pick in the C5B (to make no mention of Tommy’s Goons United stunner), defying the conventional panel wisdom backing the Bulldogs or Nation, whom the ladies point out have beat the Bulldogs twice this season. And everyone is backing John Khoury’s FC Scroungers – everyone except Tommy and I with Rossignol. Sorry John! Business is business.


FC Boisbriand come out looking like the strongest contender in the FB1 Division, although Rick and I are betting on a Bulldogs upset. Over in the FB2, it’s runner-up Fireball for Rick, James and Andrea, The Tigers for Tommy, Dahlia and I, and long shot Lady X for John. The FC Division is apparently supercharged Fischer Electrique’s to lose. Only Rick begs to differ, selecting FC Real for the shocking upset.


With defending champs US Capolista head and shoulders above the competition, it’s no surprise the playoff panel is standing pat on the opposition, although Rick and Andrea are backing the ‘young kids’ of La Squadra.

The C3 Division is far more nuanced, with James, Tommy, John and Andrea backing the Average Joe’s, Rick Motovan.com, Dahlia Rip City and me, well, Artemide FC. Touchez currently enjoy the slight panel edge, although John, Tommy and Dahlia are betting Rizz City will take the C4 Division by surprise. And last but not least, it’s FC Barilla Pasta as the C5 panel favs, although Dahlia and Andrea prefer the “talented, fearless, relentless and never intimidated” El Galanter Barbier. Me, I’m sticking with the Childish Gambinos.

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