Fischer electrique
12 Aug

It’s not so much that Fischer Electrique have let first place get to their collective heads. It’s just that numbers – much like pocket voltmeters – don’t lie.

“While I do believe the familiarity amongst teammates makes it easier for us to understand each other on the pitch, I have to admit we’re also under the impression we ended up in the wrong division,” explains captain Camille Aubin matter-of-factly. “So for this year, we’re hoping to hang onto first place without losing a single game. That would really be something to be proud of.”

The squad of Ste. Jérôme natives has undoubtedly shocked Laval’s FC2 Division into submission – the only blemish on their otherwise spotless record 11 games in having come in the form of a 1-1 draw against the equally undefeated FC Reale.

While their arch rivals have built their brand of soccer on a punishing defense, Fischer Electrique’s more diffuse attack has proved particularly jolting for opponents, with midfielder Maya Levert and strikers Jennyka Lacasse and Shad Linn Fischer providing more than half of the team’s offensive amperage. “I believe our attack is our strongpoint.”

Despite Aubin’s confidence, expect more high tension when both teams meet again on the final game of the regular season, ahead of a very likely championship showdown.

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