Les bleus
25 Jul

There’s paying simple lip service to team spirit – and then there’s being able to rattle off the specific strength of every last girl on your roster.
Let’s just say Les Bleus have closeness down to a fine art.
“What makes our team so strong is the way in which we each contribute to the whole in our own special way,” explains captain Marilyne Dagenais. “Jess with her speed, Alexe with her fakes, Cath Huppé with her bang-on shots, Émilie with the blazing runs, Myriam who’s always in the right place at the right time, Steph with her net-seeking headers, Cath Ménard and her resilience, Ju with her technical prowess, Ge and her no-quit cardio and Cath Léveillée with her ability to tear down the field unabated before a grand finish. Not to mention keepers Vi and Caro, who both bring energy and devotion to every game.”
Les Bleus are coming off a heartbreaking 2-1 loss to the Cougars and, as such, are just barely hanging onto the fourth and final playoff spot in the FC2 Division. Despite the slow start, the three-year veteran squad still feel top spot is within their reach by summer’s end – and the girls are planning to continue to have a barn-burning good time while getting there.
“We might be super competitive and victory-hungry, but you’ll also often find us dying of laughter on the pitch or steeped in deep conversation on the bench – either before, during or after the game!”

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