08 Jul

When Damien Aquino was still a smoking gun with les Carabins de l’Université de Montréal, he decided to cherry pick his own crew to keep fit during the summer – and spared nothing in the way of talent.

“We’re super competitive, we go out there to win and we’ve been feeling quite confident the last few matches,” declares the Sunhawks captain in a no-frills email detailing a lethal roster of close ‘park’ friends and American university types alike. “Our keeper is solid. Nicolas Brayant and Julien Leduc compliment each other nicely on defense. Abel Yemane and Kevin Biouele provide some good feet down the middle, and Claude Diesse and myself (I was the top league scorer last summer) know how to wrap things up.”
Despite some minor on-field adjustments and an early-season meltdown against defending C2 champs FC Jixon, the Sunhawks seem to be adapting to the Totalcampo gig just fine, perched atop one of the tightest, stud-filled divisions this side of the RDP River.
Winners like LPSC and Heaven 11 FC will be ready to pounce on any sign of weakness.
“We’re looking for consistency. Our goal is to win the season and break into the playoffs the best way possible – all while being respectful and engaging in fair play.”

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