The tigers
23 Jun

Last summer, the Tigers were little more than a pack of rookie long shots who clawed their way to a stunning championship run with only a skeleton crew by the end of it.

Now they’re defending champs with equally blind ambition.

“The goal for this year, just like the last, will be to win the finals and finish first,” declares captain Samantha Galluccio. “I’d attribute our great start to the fact that we’re more of a family then a team. We stick together when things might not be going so well and find a way to fight back and win.”

Family is an understatement for a core group of girls who have been playing St. Michel city soccer together since the age of seven.

The Tigers improved to 4-0 in the FC1 Division with a 5-3 victory over Those Girls, who apparently piled as many as four physical defenders on team and league striking phenomenon Karina Guerrera. It obviously didn’t stop her from adding another hat trick to her 16-goal tally. “No matter how much pressure she has on her, or if girls try to hurt and play rough against her, she still never gives up and always keeps a positive attitude on and off the field.”

Teammates Sabrina Badin and Julia Carozza also earned special praise from their captain. “From barely being able to hit the net to finally scoring a beautiful goal this past game,” Sabrina always plays her heart out and has made great strides despite her inexperience, explains Galluccio, while hard-working newcomer defender Julia “has saved us on many goals and contributed enormously to the team.”

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