31 mai

Three different pre-season champions were anointed by the narrowest of margins.

In Division A, defending winter champs Bombonera eeked a 2-1 victory over Nightrage after an equally close 1-0 win over FC Jixon, this after holding newcomers Loserpool FC to a 2-2 draw. The champs will now duke it out with the likes of Worldclass and Compulsive Calcio in Laval’s C1 Division.

In Division B action, La Squadra beat the FC Bullies 2-1 after pulling the tails right off the Toight Toigers and downing the Sunhawks by more substantial margins. They’ll battle defending champs US Capolista and Calcio D’Oro in RDP’s top division.

Ad finally in Division C, FC Stinjs just managed to slip past oily FC Melanzane with a 2-1 championship win after equally honourable victories over Nation and Gucci FC. They’ll now find themselves in the C3A Division defending and former champ company with the likes of Artemide FC, FC Curva and

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