Fc mappa
11 Apr

It’s not every day that a sixth seed dark horse gets to kick off their quarterfinal by trampling on the number three, proceed to barely gallop by number seven in the semis and take a championship trot over the last team in the C2A Division showdown.

And yet Heaven 11 FC did exactly, posting a 5-1 victory over the same CSMontreal side that took out top-seed FC Bashtone, in one rather bizarre playoff campaign.

“Considering we were the youngest team in our division, we knew that we had an edge over our opponents in terms of fitness and technical ability,” explains captain Angus Legault who, along with teammate Gabriel Folino, would combine for 11 goals in their miracle playoff run. “We gained some vital experience and by the time the playoffs arrived, we knew no team would be able to stop us!”

C3 Division underdogs FC Grappinz also deserve special mention for a gutsy 4-3 win over championship hoarders Motovan.com. Ditto for the Aardvarks, who managed a 3-2 win over an FC Dumos squad that almost doubled their point total during the C4A Division regular season.

FC Mappa eventually had their way with FC Canottiera – two squads that had no business in the C5A Division championship match to begin with. And let’s not forget the unlikely Les Bandidos, who robbed top seed Rizz City to capture their C5B booty.

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