Mean girls fc
28 Feb

They were looking for something between just plain mean and full savage.

“We had two names in mind: FC Savages or Mean Girls,” explains resident sniper-with-attitude Amanda Cerone of her two-year-old squad. “Mean Girls FC demonstrates how we are on the field. We’re aggressive, we’re tough and we fight to win, and to prove our points. We play with heart, and don’t take crap from anyone.”

And yet, this intimidating roster of former competitive soccer aficionados is also a sweet and caring bunch, a family unit that always have each other’s backs – which comes in handy when you’re fighting for your playoff life following a terrible start to the season.

With only five wins to their name this winter, there’s no denying the Mean Girls FC will need to keep a late-season four-game winning streak alive if they’re to supplant either Amazons or Extreme to secure a spot in the late March dance. Their most recent 3-1 win against Extreme, in which Cerone scored twice, should go a long way in securing a potential playoff showdown against top seed Les Braves – a team they’ve played particularly well against, despite the huge point gap.

And with the additions of midfielder Briana Terrigno and strikers Vanessa di Lalla and Alyssia Di Napoli just starting to bear fruit, expect more mean faces all around between now and season’s end, warns Cerone. “If we continue playing and working hard, there’s no doubt in my mind that we can make it to playoffs.”

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