08 Feb

For the soccer, they will talk, pass, hustle and even miss Super Bowl Sundays together. Just don’t ask To-K-Mela FC to be in the same room during a Columbia/El Salvador match.

“We are very competitive, and even more when watching games,” jokes captain Eduardo Melhado, who leads a tightknit cadre of South American footballers proud to call cold Montreal home for the last five years. “We all speak Spanish and have a passion for soccer. Our name To-k-Mela means to touch the ball, which is our tactic during the game: simple passing.”

Keeping the lines of communication open on the field also seems to be bearing fruit for the young squad. They were down 2-1 against third-seed FC Zyara this Sunday before pulling off a 4-2-comeback, leaving them in fourth spot in the B Division in this, their first season playing all together. While Eduardo admits the competition has been fierce enough to remind them of games back in the old country, he insists his boys fear no one as far as playoffs are concerned.

“As a team, we aspire to win the league. Honestly, we wouldn’t mind any team. One team that knows how to move the ball effectively is Ballkickers, and we’d like a final against them because we know it would be a good match.”

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