08 Jan

Extreme may be one of Totalcampo’s uniquely multi-generational soccer love stories.

“We are certainly not grandmothers playing with out granddaughters,” clarifies Julie Gobeil, with tears in her emoticon eyes. What the captain means is that her girls, most of whom once played competitively for Fabrose, were all eventually funneled into a senior team with players who had made the same move up to five years earlier. “And when our schedules became too hectic to support an 11-aside squad, we made the leap into the 7-vs-7 ‘leagues’. We ended up making one great team, which is the Extreme we know today.”

The girls would seem to be in fairly good shape five winters in. They have only one loss in eight games in the FC Division and are coming off a 10-2 romp over Beauties, a squad who “despite the outcome of each game, remain happy and cheerful.”

Speaking of, Julie feels compelled to mention the contagious laughter and incredible positive energy of their keeper Antonia Chilidis, who helps keep things light as Extreme pursue their first championship. One shouldn’t be fooled by the team name. “We’re just a gang of girls who get together to have some fun and play a little soccer.”

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