Fc fratelli1
24 Dec

Brandon Sellitto is to FC Fratelli what Andy Kaufman once was to Saturday Night Live – an enigmatic joker among jokers.

His latest chef d’oeuvre, viewable on the squad’s Instagram page (@fcfratelli) is the official unveiling of a "health & lifestyle products’ partnership with du Maurier cigarettes. When reached for comment, the apparent satirist-in-chief (who may or may not refer to himself in the third person) would only say Fratelli “have multiple sponsors” in the works.

The five-year veterans, it should be noted, can also play ball. Despite having “a few players who unfortunately couldn’t play this winter,” Sellitto and crew seem to be holding their own in the C4B Division, where they’ve cobbled together a five-game undefeated streak since surrendering their only loss this season to top-seed I Cucciarelli, who they trail by a point.

With the addition of several “impactful players” that he’d rather not name, the group of friends – trophy-less to date – apparently plan on laughing all the way to the bank. “Our goals are to win the championship this season and probably the league as well!”

You heard it here first, folks.

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