08 Dec

The story of how a group of buddies from Saint-Hubert took their freewheeling summer soccer nights at Parc Rosanne-Laflamme to Brossard’s B Division and are winning to tell about it is a heartwarming one indeed.

“I knew all the players already, so I figured why not make it official,” explains captain Walizada Qais. “Team chemistry is obviously not yet where we’d like it to be. We’re always trying new formations, new lines and new strategies. But every game, the guys come to win.”

The stats concur. The fact that FC Zyara are currently in second spot, sandwiched between the former-champ Ballkickers and a very good FC Tmenik side, is proof enough that the Saint-Hubert crew came to play this winter. Armed with a good work ethic, a reliable saviour in keeper Charles Thibault-Gagnon and the financial backing of the Lebanese Restaurant where Qais works, FC Zyara remain unapologetically ambitious.

“No doubt we’re aiming for a first-place finish. Once the season’s done, then we’ll see. But our goal right from the start was really to win it all.”

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