17 Nov

FC South Shore must have spent the last year tucked away in pleasant hibernation.

Ushered in as the crowned champions of Spring, the Brossard aficionados seemed to have lost little of that fine form last week as they neatly handled Sabbah 2 to capture the Division 2 pre-season tournament, following a 2-1 win against South City FC. Perhaps even more promising for the squad is their entrance into a C Division free of more natural adversaries – even if squads like FC Wahdat and Alianza FC might disagree.

Meanwhile, in Division 1 action, the Ballkickers edged Mistral 1-0 after beating former champs Sabbah by an equally narrow 2-1 margin.

While the Ballkickers will duke it out with summer finalists FC Moris in the B Division, the real sparks are set to fly in the A, where Sabbah and Mistral will seek their own regular season revenge on defending 2016 winter champs AS Futbol Club and Jogabonito.

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