04 Nov

The Red Stars are back and, well, they’re looking for trouble.

In a clear warning shot to Laval titans Andy Transport, the Red Stars 1 handily beat summer finalists US Capolista 3-1 after inching past Interclub 3-2 to capture the Division 1 tournament. The squad will now have to manage the repeat champions (who failed to even crack the tournament elimination round, it must be noted) and several other seasoned B1 Division elites.

In Division 2 action, Intermilan posted back-to-back 1-0 wins over CS Montreal and FC Bashtone to earn themselves a spot in the B5 Division alongside FC Fabrose, Goodfellas and the third and last iteration of the Red Stars battalion. Over in Division 3, newcomers Monsters INC defeated FC Grappinz 3-2 after taking out the FC Scroungers by the same score. The Monsters now find themselves in the no-name C5A Division amongst the non-descript likes of Bambinos, Canottiera and FC Mappa.

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