20 Oct

Chalk another one up to the magical mystery of a woman’s intuition.

Despite our best efforts, the six of us males who attempted to choose the winners of this summer’s 18 championships were simply no match for the lady on the panel. In the end, the only person who came remotely close to Andrea, who picked exactly nine winners (at three points a pop) and four finalists (at one) was John, who (along with Justin, recently married) would have qualified as perhaps the ultimate insider, given the sheer amount of time he spends at the field in any given week. Familiarity definitely mattered. In the end, Andrea’s decision to choose Artemide FC in RDP’s C4 Division (a division whose players she could easily identify by name and number) probably made the difference.

Although it ultimately didn’t work out for him, Rick and his underdog strategy did give him some surprising wins, including being the only panel member to choose Worldclass over Roma, La Famiglia over Aaardvarks and to not back Queen of the World. It should also be noted that none of us got the C1 Division right. Cafe Victoria’s – what can we say? This Bud’s for you!

Well, we had a lot of fun and we hope you did too. And in case you’re wondering, not a single penny changed hands between the seven of us; just some good, clean, competitive, unprofitable fun. See y’all in Winter, folks.

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