The tigers
28 Sep

Fresh off their miraculous come-from-behind win against the Goal Diggers in opening round action, the Tigers found themselves in the familiar position of trailing a far more dangerous Fireball in their FC2 Division quarterfinal.

All that changed when Fireball defender Stephanie Quevillon was ejected for a handball in the crease, which led to a successful Samantha Correia Morais penalty shot, a few more Karina Guerrera goals and an eventual 6-4 victory the Tigers. And just like that, with my hopes dashed, Rick’s underdogs were headed to a final against Aftermath, who exploded with three unanswered overtime goals after watching the very tenacious FC Blue Bonnets twice claw their way back into the game.

The two ensuing finals proved far more playoff-panel friendly. The Slackers snuffed out every potential Run for Rum offensive attempt and responded with some very pretty goals of their own in a largely uncontested 4-0 championship win. FC Boisbriand, meanwhile, carried a widely predicted 3-1 victory in the FC1 championship against Blue Sky on the back of a very solid outing from keeper Veronique Simon.

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