20 Sep

Choosing champions is basically an exercise in either confirming or denying history.

Nowhere is this fact more clear than in Anjou’s FB Division, where Queen of the World once again find themselves at the top of the standings (and therefore enjoying majority panel support) despite some spotty results in summer finales past. Rick is the only one of us who is defying captain Andrea’s self-professed “hope” and siding with Hasbeen.

Things are far more evenly split in the FC Division, where Andrea, John and Tommy believe top-seed FC Blittz have the focus to beat out R2D2, whom James, Vince and I are enthusiastically backing. Rick remains the Cougars-loving odd man out.

More even splitting in the lone St. Leonard Division, where James, Vince, Andrea and I are convinced FC Jixon will carry the momentum of a great season. Rick, Tommy and John believe Sabbah will (literally) show up and recapture their glory days of old.

Speaking of glory days, RDP’s top division (underdogs???) Calcio D’Oro still have the support of Rick, Tommy and myself – if only because we’ve seen this movie many times before. The rest of the panel is rallying behind Rip City, a true juggernaut of “beautiful soccer,” as Andrea so eloquently puts it. Same story in the C3 Division, where veteran have Rick, Tommy and Vince’s support, with James going solo on FC Mangia Cakes. The rest of us believe le Bombon Rose possess what Andrea characterizes as the full package: “Inner competitiveness, good work ethic on the field, technically strong, aggressive but not dirty, selflessness with every play as well as a loyal fan base!”

The C4 Division is far more nuanced, with four potential champs in the panel’s sights. Vince and I are backing Channel 4 News, Rick and James FC Curva, John and Tommy FC Stinjs and Andrea Artemide, with their two top strikers and impressive keeper.
Lastly, in the C5 Division, most of us believe Average Joe’s will be anything but when it matters most. Rick and Vince are betting on FC Barilla Pasta to lay the carb coma on their unsuspecting opponents.

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