19 Sep

After years in self-exiled meditative silence, the Totalcampo Playoff Panel has once again emerged to make lofty predictions on this year’s championship battles. We won’t get into the nitty-gritty of how each man, woman and child (seven of us in total) reached his/her proper conclusions. Needless to say, much thought went into it.

So let’s get right down to it. Starting with the ladies…

Expect the FB Division to go the way of the Slackers, if the majority of the playoff panel has anything to say about it. Rick and James believe Arsenal will stage the major upset. Andrea is betting her upset dollars (not that such coins exist) on Run for Rum.

In the FC1, the majority is backing FC Boisbriand, while Rick is betting on a Blue Sky upset. I believe shadowy Olympique Repentigny will have the floor. It’s a similar vote distribution in the FC2, where James, John, Tommy and Vince are all counting on Aftermath, Rick the Tigers, Andrea Les Braves and me, good old Fireball.

In Laval’s top B3 Division, it’s a veritable mixed bag. Rick and Vince are siding with US Capolista, while Andrea, James and I believe history is bound to repeat itself with yet another Andy Transport championship. John is placing his faith in Etna, Tommy in Zeus.

There’s similar consternation in the B4, where second-seed Lagazzi FC has Rick, John and my vote, while Tommy and Vince are counting on Nightrage to stage an upset. Ditto for James with SS Mischiate and Andrea with FC Bashtone, whom she believe “has the fire to win.” The C1 Division is far less controversial, with blanket support for Compulsive Calcio, minus James and I backing FC Hollywood. In the C2 Division, it’s undefeated Roma all the way – except for Rick, who is betting on a Worldclass upset of epic proportions.

The C3 Division finds John, James, Tommy and Vince once again backing the favourite in AF United, while Rick, Andrea and I get behind Calcio Compulsivo. It’s almost the same story with top dog FC Moris in the C4, except that John is siding with Rick and I in selecting underdog FC Tilly City. The Panel is nearly unanimous on an Aaardvarks’ championship in the C5A Division – except for Rick, who is backing La Famiglia. And last but not least, with some of the panel throwing their weight behind LPSC, Rick, James, Andrea and I are leaning Super Sata. As Andrea puts it, “I feel like Lastoria is going to make the difference.”

We shall see. More panel picks to come…

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